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A Targeted Approach

We Fix Badly Designed Turbo Machinery.

Specialties: Rotordynamics; torsional analysis; bearing and seal design.

Our approach






“I hired Malcolm to perform a detailed rotordynamics analysis on an Elliott 90P Main Gas Blower. We were having significant vibration issues. Malcolm recommended a new bearing design which made the unit much more stable and more resistant to vibration due to rotor fouling over time.”


Clay Naiser, CMRP, Shell Corporation

“I have known Malcolm for more than 17 years. Most of the RDA’s performed for the companies I worked for were done by Malcolm at Applied Machinery Dynamics. His expertise is undeniable. His solutions for the rotor-bearing system issues were always problem solving. I would recommend Malcolm to anybody who wants an engineering solution to any rotating equipment problem.”

Julia Postill, PE, John Crane Group