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Custom Design & Models

Applied Machinery Dynamics Company can create a design and model that will provide vibration-free operation and extended life to your machinery. We’ll make sure your systems function exactly the way you expect and need them to function.

A design flaw can result in unnecessary and expensive damage to costly equipment.  Applied Machinery Dynamics works with you to ensure your prototype is ideally suited to your application. We have the knowledge and experience provide you with a comprehensive analysis and expert recommendations.

Analysis & Solutions

An inefficient design translates to wasted time and money. When you want the very best in design and modeling, you can rely on Applied Machinery Dynamics Company to provide it.

  • Rotordynamics;

  • Torsional Analysis; and

  • Bearing & Seal Design

At Applied Machinery Dynamics Company, we thrive on a solid challenge. We also like to assist our clients developing new technologies and applications. We’d be honored to assist with your custom turbo machinery problems.

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Our experience as leaders in turbo machinery and rotor dynamics analysis and design services since 1987 offers consistent results every time.

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