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Lateral Rotor Dynamics

  • Mass elastic model development

  • Bearing performance

  • Undamped critical speeds

  • Lateral mode shapes

  • Damped imbalance response

  • Stability analysis

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Torsional Rotor Dynamics

  • Mass elastic model development

  • Steady state critical speeds

  • Torsional mode shapes

  • Typical failure modes and modifications

  • Forced response analysis

  • Transient torsional analysis

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Applied Machinery Dynamics Company provides modeling and analysis of turbo machinery to determine various associated performance characteristics. We specialize in the motion of rotating components such as:

  • rotors,

  • impellers, and

  • mixers.

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Applied Machinery Dynamics can identify the root cause of the vibration issue and recommend a focused modification that will result in a smooth running electric machine for years to come. We can have you back up and running quickly.

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Our experience as leaders in turbo machinery and rotor dynamics analysis and design services since 1987 offers consistent results every time.

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